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Who IS Daisy Peel?

Learn a little about Daisy Peel, the creator and founder of The Agility Challenge



Sally talks about her journey as an Agility Challenge Member

Check out Sally's incredible distance skills! Sally is from the UK, and frequently shows other Agility Challenge Members just what's possible when you engage in purposeful practice and want to do distance handling!

Diana talks about how The Agility Challenge has transformed her training

Watch Diana and her amazing Standard Poodle Rush! Diana and Rush made it a goal to go to the AKC World Agility Championship Team Tryouts, and with the help of The Agility Challenge, they made it!

Challenge Team Member Sandie H Says:

"The Agility Challenge is hands down the best resource to get help and advice. The challenges are very manageable and useful for all venues ."

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what do you get as an agility challenge member?

When you look at all the features and benefits you get as an Agility Challenge Member, compared to the costs and benefits of a typical private lesson, weekly class, or seminar or workshop, the savings are huge!​​​​​​






Personal Feedback on your submitted videos

Demonstration and instruction videos that you can download and keep forever!

Handling Challenges that fit in a 50x70' space, that are broken down to teach skills from the ground up


Challenges to develop your dog's drive, motivation, focus, and love of the game




Weekly Newsletters to help you maintain a Growth Mindset

Weekly Webinars on common training issues

League Play Competition for small and large spaces

Year Round Access

Always available to fit YOUR schedule

Private Support Group



Julie shares how far The Agility Challenge has brought her!

Julie's wonderful Aussie Dottie has come so far! Julie has been with The Agility Challenge since its inception, and uses the content to improve  her own skills as well as the skills of the students she teaches!

Betty shares her emotional journey in The Agility Challenge

Despite setbacks, Betty has come out on top with The Agility Challenge! Betty's Papillons have wonderful skills, and Betty has become a more purposeful and deliberate trainer as a result of The Agility Challenge!

Challenge Team Member Jane M Says:

"I love the confidence The Agility Challenge gave me! Love for challenges and using “failure” as a tool to excel rather than thinking about being a failure! It is a great combination to guarantee success in the ring."

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Patty has big goals, and met all of them this year!

Patty talks about how The Agility Challenge helped her make it to the Finals at The AKC National Agility Championships with her  dog Jazzie!

Reegan Rollings talks about how Daisy's feedback helped her with her young dog!

Reegan is an Agility Challenge Member from Australia! Despite injury early in the year, Reegan still gets to keep all The Agility Challenge material as a member! 

Lisa Potts shows how The Agility Challenge works with her small training space!

Longtime competitor with agility championships in SIX organizations, and AKC Judge Lisa Potts gives a tour of her small space training facility, and talks about how The Agility Challenge has upped her game since she's been a member!

Challenge Team Member Debbie Laxague and Moon

"I cannot imagine how you could regret joining this program. The instruction is of the very highest quality. The feedback (from both Daisy, the co-instructors, and the many knowledgeable participants) is quick, instructive, and very supportive. There is learning and support here for every level."

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Get Content WITH FEEDBACK valued at nearly $2000!!


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Multiple Payment Options

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